Success Stories

  • Bengies Drive In Wins Light Dispute
    Thanks to strong research and defense by Andy, a Baltimore County jury awarded the owner of Bengies Drive In Theatre $838,000, in a trial run by both Wray and Andy. The court found that lights from a convenience store close to the outdoor theater were disturbing theatergoers’ experiences and harming the Bengies’ business.
  • Felony Murder Dismissal in Ocean City
    Two co-defendants were charged with felony murder in the death of an Ocean City volunteer fireman. One individual is serving a life sentence. The other, defended by Wray, had his charges dismissed.
  • Father Acquitted in Abuse of Infant Son
    A local hospital accused a father of physically abusing his young son. Four doctors testified that it was abuse. Wray conducted his own thorough research and brought in a pathologist, whom he questioned; he also cross-examined the group of doctors. As a result of Wray’s scrupulous attention to the details, the father was found not guilty.
  • Favorably Defended Narcotics Case in First Maryland Sentencing Guidelines Case
    Wray successfully defended a client against narcotics charges. The version of the Guidelines used to sentence his client has since been determined to be unconstitutional.
  • Former Rite Aid Employee Cleared of Embezzlement Charges

    Wray successfully defended a woman who had been accused of stealing money from a Rite Aid bank deposit, protecting her freedom as well as her reputation.

  • Overturning Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants Convicted of Crimes

    Andy was the first lawyer in Baltimore County to successfully fight a law that automatically deports undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes in Maryland, even those who’ve lived in Maryland their entire lives. This was done using a writ of coram nobis.

  • Sports Fan Banned From Baltimore Stadium – Charges Dropped

    A patron accused of being part of a “bad situation” was to be banned from the stadium for life. Wray took on the case, and through legal means and research, the charges were dropped.

  • Deportation and Human Trafficking Charges Downgraded

    Andy and Wray successfully defended Chinese nationals living in Baltimore County who had been charged with human trafficking. The charges were reduced to an unruly house violation and the penalties included only fines and community service. The outcome had no immigration consequences.