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A sex crime allegation can seriously damage your personal and professional life for many years to come. A sex crime conviction can lead to even more serious consequences, the worst of which may be mandatory sex offender registration. These are crimes that are aggressively pursued and prosecuted and carry with them a harmful social stigma. They also can be crimes that are based on falsehoods, misleading statements, and exaggerations and lead to a “he said she said” situation.

No matter how difficult or complicated your situation may be, getting legal representation as soon as possible when accused or being investigated for such a crime is imperative. This is a situation that calls for the services of a savvy and dedicated legal professional, preferably one who has dealt with such accusations and charges many times before in your local area. At T. Wray McCurdy, P.A. in Baltimore, you can enlist the services of a proven litigator and professional. Our firm has two former prosecutors who have handled more than 22,000 cases. Many of our cases are referrals which means our legal ability has been stellar enough to warrant word of mouth recommendation.

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Sex Crimes in Maryland

Sex crimes in the state of Maryland can include:

  • Rape and statutory rape either in the first or second degree charged as a felony
  • Sexual offense charged in either the first, second, third, or fourth degree; all of these are charged as felonies except for the fourth degree which is charged as a misdemeanor
  • Child pornography, whether possession, production, distribution, or sale charged as felonies
  • Sexting—sending lewd text messages or electronically sharing nude or sexually explicit photos—which can be prosecuted under child pornography laws
  • Soliciting or luring minors over the internet
  • Prostitution or solicitation 

In general, sex crimes such as rape and the category of “sexual offense” are based on the use of force, coercion, or threat against the alleged victim to cause them to engage in unwanted sexual activity. These crimes are punished according to the degree of offense proven, whether a weapon was used against the alleged victim, and whether you have prior rape or sex offense convictions. For example, rape in the first degree carries a penalty of life in prison. This is elevated to life in prison without the possibility of parole if you have a prior conviction or in other aggravated circumstances.

The crimes of rape and sexual offense also include the attempt at committing the offense besides the actual concluded act of such a crime. Sexual offenses also cover forcing sexual activity on someone who is handicapped or mentally disabled as well as sexual activity with someone who is under your authority, such as a teacher with a student when the teacher is at least four years older than the alleged victim.

Sex Offender Registration in Maryland

Sex offender registration is mandatory in many sex crime convictions, such as rape, child pornography, and sexual offense in the state. When under a sex offender mandate, your identity and details will be made publicly accessible and you may be subject to certain severe restrictions as to where you can live or work.

Maryland maintains three tiers of sex offender registration based on the seriousness of the crime. In Tier III, you will have to register for life. In Tier II, you will have to register for 25 years and, in Tier I, you will have to remain on the registry for 15 years. The social stigma of being a registered sex offender can be devastating to your future.

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